About Ensorcel

Ensorcel is a spellpunk (urban fantasy) webcomic about a quarter-elf thief named Syfen Calassar (Ensorcel to her business acquaintances) with no use for either the law or the organized underworld's intrigue. More data will be forthcoming after the story has progressed and it won't constitute spoilers.
The comic is drawn on perfectly ordinary paper with perfectly ordinary pencils by Hoseki. Speech bubbles and narrative boxes are added after the fact by Alicorn, who does the writing for the comic.

About the Author

Alicorn is an American college student who likes musicals, anime, webcomics, drawing, science fiction and fantasy, philosophy, Dungeons and Dragons, and getting more sleep than is strictly necessary. Ensorcel is her third webcomic; she wrote and drew Syzygy until its untimely demise, and currently writes and draws Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama. She has another webcomic still in the works. In addition to writing Ensorcel, she codes the website. She has a LiveJournal here.

About the Artist

Hoseki is Alicorn's little sister. She's in middle school and likes anime, manga, roleplaying, reading, show tunes, J-pop, bagpipe music, chemistry, math, drawing, and webcomics. Ensorcel is her first webcomic project, unless you count the sprite comic she was doing that will never see the light of day because she hates it.

Both creators have their contact information here.

Ensorcel is hosted on Comicgenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.