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These are all comics which I read consistently and enjoy enough to recommend to you. A guide to my ratings system: Squeaky Clean items are things I would recommend to my rather uptight, highly squeamish, devout Mormon friend without caveat. Mild items are things that contain nothing that someone of a reasonably liberal mindset would care about one way or the other, but may contain the occasional actual swear word, reference to the existence of sex, gay character, etc. Potentially Objectionable items contain appreciable amounts of bad language and/or references to adult concepts but nothing graphic or really out there, and usually do not make this material the end-all and be-all of their existence. Mature Content items go farther than those which are merely Potentially Objectionable, but are still not horrifically graphic. Absolutely NSFW items contain at least a few scenes which you definitely shouldn't view if you have a squeamish bone in your body.
Ozy and Millie Squeaky Clean. Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque anthro strip about a serene arctic fox boy, his spastic fox girl best friend, and their antics/hijinks/shenanigans.
A Magical Roommate Squeaky Clean - actually written by the aforementioned Mormon friend of mine, so you know it's got to be. Character-driven joke-a-day, but with plot and worldbuilding and dragons and nifty stuff like that. A character based on me will soon make an appearance!
Angel Moxie Squeaky Clean. Completed, incredibly cute magical girl comic with crisp, iconic artwork and fun, likeable characters.
Nowhere University Squeaky Clean. Magic university where the professors are literary figures - not the authors, but the characters. Also, interesting main and supporting cast of characters.
Catena Squeaky Clean. Beautifully illustrated furry strip about a houseful of multicolored cats and their comical interactions with each other and their neighbors etc.
Kevin and Kell Squeaky Clean, unless you think too hard about the worldbuilding, which involves about half of the characters finding it necessary to kill their fellow sentient beings to eat. Aside from that, cute family strip with plot twists aplenty.
No Rest for the Wicked Mild. Prettily drawn fantasy comic drawing on elements from a number of fairy tales and fables.
Newshounds Mild. Completed, humorous story (link takes you to the home page) about a newsteam composed of a bunch of dogs, one cat, and a janitorial rat. Same artist/writer as Something Happens.
Order of the Stick Mild. Due to website limitations, the link takes you to the first comic. An uproariously funny, minimalistically illustrated, and consistently brilliantly written gaming comic about a party of D&D adventurers aware of the odd rules governing their lives.
Something Happens Mild. Same artist/writer as Newshounds. Surreal, random, funny - in the spirit of Non Sequitur. No continuity whatsoever.
xkcd Mild. A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Minimal art, good writing, amusing accompanying blog entries. Probably makes more sense to math geeks, but the layman can appreciate most pages.
Undertow Mild. Fantasy comic with spectacular art. Like, really spectacular art. And a nifty story and characters, and did I mention spectacular art?
One Over Zero Mild to Potentially Objectionable. One thousand strips of self-referential genius. The author has a new site here which is worth a look if you like 1/0.
El Goonish Shive Mild, ranging up to Potentially Objectionable in a few places, but mostly Mild. Science fiction and fantasy all rolled into one - aliens, magic users, flying anthropomorphic squirrel, alternate universes, shapeshifting. Oh, and a plot and nifty characters!
Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire Mild, borderline Potentially Objectionable in a few instances. Excellent humor and story both, with smooth art in recent years and realistic three-dimensional characters who are the foci of the masterfully crafted storylines.
usr/bin/w00t Mild, with occasional Potentially Questionable language. Funny gaming/computer geekery comic with plenty of character development and political humor thrown in for good measure.
Narbonic Potentially Objectionable, but so good I was sorely tempted to rate it Mild. Completed story (the link takes you to the first page) with outstanding plot and character development, gerbils aplenty, and much in the way of mad science.
Dr. McNinja Potentially Objectionable, but only a little bit. It's about a ninja who is also a doctor. Unmitigated awesomeness. Just so incredibly cool.
Misfile Potentially Objectionable. Among its features are a guy trapped in a girl's body, a stoner angel, assorted vehicles, and other nifty plot devices.
Lackadaisy Potentially Objectionable but only just. Anthro cats in a historical fiction, sepia-toned, Prohibition-era comic with absolutely stunning art.
Questionable Content Potentially Objectionable. Slice-of-life, only with a pizza-delivering superhero and small, debatably sentient robots; humor, only with occasional drama and surreality.
Thunderstruck Potentially Objectionable, about the adventures of two highly unusual sisters. Brilliantly characterized, with a gripping plot and amusing little extras.
Home on the Strange Potentially Objectionable. Sort of a slice of life, sort of a gamer comic, HotS has interesting characters and on-target humor.
Gossamer Commons Potentially Objectionable. Compelling fantasy comic with fairies and angst and muses. Currently stopped in the middle of a grocery store with no explanation.
Sorcery 101 Potentially Objectionable, possibly Mature Content ish in a few places. Solid worldbuilding, interesting characters. Vampires, angels and mages, O my.
Casey and Andy Potentially Objectionable, possibly Mature Content. Random, funny comic with mad scientist roommates who periodically die. One of them is dating Satan. Currently on hiatus while the artist works on a second webcomic, which is also good.
Penny and Aggie Potentially Objectionable; Mature Content in spots. Insightful high school drama with lovely art, believable characters, and an unending circus of intrigue and conflict for your reading pleasure.
Erfworld Mature Content (originally Mild, moved here later; it's a new comic yet, but I doubt it will change again). Due to website limitations the link takes you to the first comic. Fantasy story-based comic with very nifty art and what looks like it will be a splendid plot as it unfolds.
Something Positive Mature Content. If you've never heard of S*P you've lived in a hole for the last several years. It's a slice of life with an engaging ensemble cast, gelatinous cat, and consistent wit.
Too Much Information Mature Content. A collection of interesting roommates in a haunted house and their friends and families. Done entirely in Poser.
Perry Bible Fellowship Mature Content. PBF is a weekly strip-style comic with inventive jokes, crisp art which conveys precisely what it needs to, and no continuity whatsoever.
Least I Could Do Mature Content. Very much a "guy" strip, and I'm not actually sure what I like about it. Random humor, occasionally something resembling a storyline, fourth wall breakage, and casual one-night stands.
Friendly Hostility Mature Content. By the same author as Boy Meets Boy, and focusing on two minor characters from BMB - a collegegoing gay couple who have random exploits. It would be a slice of life were it not for the demon who once dwelt in the refrigerator.
Goblins Mature Content. Captivating gamer strip about life from the perspective of goblins, who tend to be thoughtlessly slaughtered by PCs. Detailed art, excellent writing, deep thought.
Loserz Mature Content. Slice of life about three friends and their wacky high school adventures, with side stories about a couple of fuzzy little critters. Also, gamer jokes.
Boy Meets Boy Mature Content. The predecessor to Friendly Hostility; concerns the lives of a gay couple and their assorted friends, enemies, and family members.
Flipside Mature Content, bordering on Absolutely NSFW in one or two places. A promiscuous jester girl and a redheaded swordswoman have adventures appropriate to their characteristics.
Better Days Absolutely NSFW. Dark, adults-only themes permeate this crisply drawn, conservatively-slanted, furry slice-of-life, but for people not easily squicked or politically offended, it's plotty and well written.
Jack Absolutely NSFW. Absolutely NSFW. Absolutely NSFW. If that hasn't scared you away, this is a compelling and thoughtful series of loosely related stories in a furry universe which explores issues of spirituality and morality against a backdrop of complexly portrayed spiritual planes. The art is good too.

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